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Pokemon Fusions
#4 Ponytoy by Shadobian11
#7 Miloserponair by Shadobian11
#6 Clefurreon by Shadobian11
#1 Bulbamander by Shadobian11
Pokemon fusions have become popular and I have a lot of fun making them. So, if anyone wants a Pokemon fusion, they can get one at the low price of 10Points . So if you want one. However, the fusion limit is 2-3 pokemon. I will not fuse 5 Pokemon at a time because it would be too complex and there would be too many details. Also, one fusion per person a day. I don't want to be too overrun with fusion commissions, but I still want people to be able to ask for more than one fusion at all. I hope you guys have some ideas because I would really like to be inspired! :D
Lightingbug by Shadobian11
Two Headed Blade by Shadobian11
Chauphis by Shadobian11
I will draw anything dragon for 10 points. But no Athro dragons. It can be any kind of dragon, and I will try to make it as original as possible.


Yep, this is a complaint about complaints!

There is one thing I rarely find here in the complaints, but when it shows up it drives me nuts! When people don't include their reasons to support their claim. Even if what you are complaining about isn't a very good complaint or a first world problem.

Like I said, this rarely happens. It's like making a joke, but never including the punch line. You just leave people asking "Why?". About 90% of us explain why we hate or dislike something, but the complaints, to me, is more than a place to vent. It's where you can let people know wrong in life, or in one's life.

Remember the MLP Hate thread? The one where all he said was "I hate MLP"? That is what i'm talking about. Yes, I strongly dislike MLP too, but If I did make a complaint forum about why (not that I would) I would give some reasoning why instead of just straight up blurting it out.

Alright, if you are not here comment, you can head on back to reading complaints.
Your eyes open after a night of rest, but you aren't in your bed anymore. You wake up into a metal room. To your right, there is a double door that takes up the entire wall. sitting in the corner that is forward and right of you, is another person. He looks as if he is a Plague Doctor of some kind. He looks up at you for a few seconds, then looks back at the floor. You feel as if the room is being moved, as if by a car or a truck. The only thing you have is the clothes that you wear. What do you do?
Powahs Dogchantress by Shadobian11
Powahs Dogchantress
Powahs is owned by :iconmrjelloboy:
Digchantress is created by me

Name: Dogchantress
Element: Magic
Abilities: Summoning, levitate, magic blast
Personality: Playful and curious
SCP-682 Trait by Shadobian11
SCP-682 Trait
SCP-682 belongs to the SCP Foundation

AAAAAAAAA IT'S SCP-682!!! RUN FOR THE HILLS! Ok, I got all my panic out. I gave SCP-682 the emotional feeling of rage for obvious reasons, but I'll say anyway in case someone who is not familiar with the SCP Foundation is reading this. SCP-682 hates all life other than itself and wants to kill everyone. Plus, it is extremely hard to destroy (hence why he is called the hard to destroy reptile).

More information about SCP-682 here:
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AT LAST, AFTER SEVEN CRAPPY HOURS OF MY LIFE FREEDOM!!! I have never felt so happy. But this isn't an ordinary day. This is the day I celebrate! Me and my family are having bacon pizza BACON PIZZA, and we are watching the first Transformers movie tonight! I AM SO HYPED! I hope for those of who who are also having spring break, you can enjoy yourselves! For those of you who aren't, I hope you are doing okay too. You guys are epic! Stay Creative!


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I love to draw. I do it as a hobby but I want to do it as a job someday.

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